East Stoke Fen Reserve

East Stoke Fen - T BatesSize: 4.5ha.

Lies to the east of Wool in the River Frome floodplain.  The terrain ranges from reedmarsh & wet woodland to oak copse.  Reed fen is a declining habitat in the county, but one which has provided much information on the history of vegetation changes.

Wildlife interest:

  • Common reed dominates the reedbeds, providing good reed warbler territory.

Best time to visit:

Spring for the bluebells & early summer.

East Stoke reserveAccess:

Limited footpath access & very wet all year.


Map ref. SY 864865.  In Wool turn left after the station onto Bindon Lane.  Drive past Bindon Farm on the bend; access to the reserve is a mile further on the left via a public footpath.

East Stoke map


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