Dorset Wildlife Trust photographic group

Dorset Wildlife Trust Photographic Group

Taking photos at Kingcombe Meadows © Katharine Davies 

Welcome to the Dorset Wildlife Trust Photography Group

With the advent of the digital camera so many more people are able to enjoy the opportunity to go out and photograph all manner of subjects. We recognised that many people would like to improve their photography skills, and so three years ago we started our photographic group, run by volunteers and staff.

About the group

Our group is open to all members of Dorset Wildlife Trust (DWT). As well as over forty nature reserves that we can visit, each one with its own particular set of wildlife, we also have access to the wealth of knowledge of the wardens from these reserves so that we can pin-point particular species more easily.

It costs just £5 per annum for membership to the group.

Our outings and speakers

We have outings throughout the year to some very special places, including a trip to see the red deer rut in the New Forest, which was a great success, and was blessed with beautiful weather.

We also have many diverse speakers to our indoor meetings, including established wildlife photographers, wardens from various reserves (not always ours) as well as doing workshops on many aspects of photography.

Whenever we ask people to send in photos to the group the normal reply is that they don't think that their images are good enough, and then when they eventually do come up with some pictures they are really quite outstanding, so please don't think you are not good enough! A good example of this is the Country File competition, where a shepherd had taken a beautiful picture of some sheep walking along a deep trough in the snow, and she had used a little compact camera, and ended up winning the overall competition! 

Helping Dorset Wildlife Trust

Last year’s DWT calendar was almost entirely the group's own work, as members submitted a wealth of excellent images for inclusion. The group’s photographs have also been used in brochures, leaflets and on the website, helping others to appreciate the wonderful diversity of wildlife we have in Dorset.

We are a very friendly group and welcome newcomers, so if you feel you would like to improve your skills or just get the opportunity to find some interesting wildlife, and meet some like minded people, fill in the details below and we look forward to meeting you.

Join us

Membership to the Dorset Wildlife Trust Photographic Group costs £5 per annum.  To join, phone 01305 264620.