Dorset Seasearch

A Dorset Seasearch diver

(Above) A Dorset Seasearch diver © Peter Tinsley

Volunteer divers have been contributing to our knowledge of Dorset's seabed habitats and species for almost 20 years. 

This information is being used in a variety of ways - to help map seabed habitats, to identify potential protected areas, to influence fishery management decisions and to inform the licensing of developments in the marine environment. 

Seasearch divers are also bringing back hundreds of images of the seabed - many divers now carry a compact digital camera and Dorset Seasearch provides a number of cameras for use on organised surveys.

The acquisition of detailed remote-sensing data (see DORIS) marked the start of a new chapter in Dorset Seasearch.  Divers are now able to accurately target a huge number of newly revealed seabed features, making the survey much more efficient.  It has also opened up a range of new dive-sites in Dorset, many of which are sure to become classic dives.

A report based on Dorset Seasearch 1995-2004 is available on CD - contact the Dorset Seasearch Co-ordinator to request a copy.

Seabed Imagery © Dorset Wildlife Trust
Contains Maritime and Coastguard Agency data © Crown copyright
Not to be used for navigation
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