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Red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) at woodland pool © Mark Hamblin/2020VISION

Your Half-Price Membership* will help look after Dorset's wildlife and wild places. You'll receive a membership magazine 3 times a year, plus a guide to all 42 of our nature reserves. Families also receive our Wildlife Watch magazine for children 4 times a year.

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Buff-tailed bumblebee © Jon Hawkins Surrey Hills Photography
From £1.75 a month

Half Price Membership for 1 person for 1 year

Perfect for you. From £1.75 a month (reduced from £3.50)
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From £2.00 a month

Half Price Membership for 2 people for 1 year

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Perfect for families. From £2.25 a month (reduced from £4.50)

We can't wait to welcome you to our wildlife community and send you your membership pack once we're back in the office - from 4th January 2022.

*Half-Price Terms and Conditions apply

The benefits of membership - to you, and to wildlife

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Half-Price Individual and Joint membership

You will receive:

- Your exclusive membership magazine, Dorset Wildlife, 3 times a year by post or online, which includes information about events, including guided walks, talks and much more.

- A comprehensive guide to all 42 Dorset Wildlife Trust nature reserves – safe havens for local wildlife free for you to visit all year round.

Join from £1.75 per month

Children pond dipping at Lorton Meadows by Katharine Davies

Children pond dipping at Lorton Meadows by Katharine Davies 

Half-Price Family membership

As well as all the membership benefits listed above, you will receive:

- 4 issues a year of our exciting Wildlife Watch magazine for children

- Wildlife Watcher’s Handbook – a 60 page pocket-sized guide to being a ‘Wildlife Watcher’

- A membership card, badge, poster and stickers

- Access to fun family events, from arts and crafts to pond dipping, that feature in the diary of events that all members receive

Join from £2.25 per month

How your membership helps Dorset's wildlife

We will use your support where it’s needed most, whether that’s coppicing woodland so dormice and other species can thrive, installing nest boxes for threatened birds and mammals, or monitoring water voles so we can understand the best way to help them recover.

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Become a member for half-price and support Dorset's wildlife

The vital work we do for wildlife depends on the support of people like you, who care about the future of local wildlife and wild places. Thank you!

Minimum rates apply: Individual half-price membership (1 person) is from £1.75 per month - normal price £3.50 per month (or from £21 per annum - normal price £42 per annum); Half-Price Joint membership (2 people) is from £2 per month - normal price £4 per month (or from £24 per annum - normal price £48 per annum) and Half-Price Family membership (2 people plus) is from £2.25 per month - normal price £4.50 per month (or from £27 per year - normal price £54 per annum). 

Half-price terms and conditions apply.

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