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What to see in JanuaryAs we welcome in the New Year, why not walk off a few pounds and enjoy Dorset in winter?

What to see in February 2011 (Dartford warbler by Steve Davis)Here are the creatures and plants that are making themselves seen and heard this month.

What wildlife to see in March 2011 (photo of Brimstone by Ken Dolbear)The countryside is starting to come alive in March. Here are just a few of the plants and wildlife to look out for this month.

Stonechat by Ken DolbearYes, spring really has arrived, but shows itself in varied ways on the different reserves!

Stoat by Ken DolbearThere is so much to see and experience in Dorset this month, it really is difficult to know where to start! From beautiful wild flowers, birds and mammals to dragonflies and butterflies, wildlife really is everywhere...

What's happening in June?The first flush of spring growth may be over, but with temperatures rising, Dorset offers the wildlife enthusiast an impressive and ever-changing sequence of flowering plants across the county this month.

What to see in July (Silver-studded Blue by Ken Dolbear)In July, you might think that the pace of change is slowing down as temperatures rise, some bird song decreases and the meadows and hedgerows show off their stunning variety of flowers. But look again...

What to see in August (Photo by Ken Dolbear)Plants and the insects associated with them are favoured by different conditions but somehow adapt to survive our unpredictable climate. If you are interested in nature in Dorset, then you will never be bored!

What to see in September (Redstart (f) by Ken Dolbear)The rain over the last few days has given a new burst of life to our native plants.

What's happening in October?We are all familiar with the plant and animal kingdoms, but in October we are reminded of an entirely separate kingdom, the fungi. Although they are with us largely unseen throughout the year, autumn is when the fruiting bodies of mushrooms and toadstools appear, as if by magic.

Red Admiral ButterflyThanks to the Gulf Stream, we enjoy a relatively mild autumn (even though we may not think so!) so there's always lots to watch out for in November. Here are just a few of the highlights...

What's Happening in December?As winter sets in, day length continues to shorten and preparations for Christmas loom large, it's all too easy to miss out on the wildlife to be seen in Dorset as we approach the end of 2013


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