Helping wildlife in hot weather

Helping wildlife in hot weather

robin in bird bath © Ken Dolbear MBE 

As the temperature rises, so does the pressure on our garden wildlife. Here's 3 easy things you can do to give them a hand during hot weather.

1. Making a bird bath for our feathered friends is always great way to help birds and hedgehogs in the hotter months. Turn your garden into a space for nature by putting a washing up tub filled with cool water outside and let birds clean their feathers and then perch in a sunny spot to dry off.  Don't forget to put stones in it, to provide some height for pollinators to stand on, and so hedgehogs have a way out if they fancy a bath!  Even a tray or saucer of water as a drink stop could be helpful to many different species of wildlife. 

2. Plants that are watered regularly and gardens with large habitat areas are vital for butterflies and bees in the hot weather.  Get some tips on how to use water efficiently in gardens from our friends at Wessex Water, sponsors of the Get Dorset Buzzing campaign

3. Many animals will seek out shade during the hot periods of the summer and a good way to help them is by creating a shaded area in your garden so they can cool off. Create a a pile of fallen tree branches in a shaded area of your garden to help smaller animals during the heat.

If we all did a little something in our gardens, it could have a big impact on our local wildlife this time of year. 

If your garden is helping wildlife, why not apply to the Wildlife Gardening Champions Scheme and you could be awarded a wildlife friendly gardening plaque to display proudly in your garden this summer.