Wildlife Gardening Champions Scheme

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Wildlife garden - Katie Wilkinson

Wildlife Gardening Champions Scheme

Join the Wildlife Gardening Champions Scheme now!

Get your garden buzzing with wildlife and you could qualify for our free plaque to display in your garden!

There are 15 million gardens in the UK totalling an acreage greater than all our National Nature Reserves put together, so what you do in your garden MATTERS. Large or small, your garden can provide a vital stepping stone for wildlife and be part of the patchwork of wildlife friendly areas linking towns and the countryside.  You can learn more about how to help wildlife into your garden, just click here


How do I make my garden a haven for wildlife?

From planting plants that pollinators love to making a hedgehog doorway in your garden fence, there are lots of small ways you can make your garden wildlife friendly. So whether you live in a flat or a mansion, you can make a home for wildlife! Find out more below and then apply for a plaque.

Check here to see if you have at least 6 wildlife-friendly features in your garden to qualify for a plaque!

If you have 6 or more wildlife features from the list below then you could qualify for our free plaque and certificate! All you need to do is fill out the online form below and then send us photographic evidence of each feature.


Native Hedge Water available at different heights. Nectar and pollen rich flowers.
Trees and shrubs that flower and fruit Bee home or insect home Climbing plants
Homes for wildlife, including: a bat box, bird box or hedgehog house. Compost heap, wormery or homemade liquid fertilizer      
      Log piles, tree stump or stone piles.
   Pond or bucket pond, or bog garden


Wildflower meadow or long grass area.

No chemicals including using no slug pellets.

Using only peat free compost.




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