Wildlife webcam

Wildlife webcam

Barn Owl at Lorton Meadows © Paul Williams 

Get up-close to Dorset's wildlife

What a privilege it was to watch our 2020 webcam - we had two owlets fledge. We never imagined when we switched the webcam on in February, how important it would be. Through lockdown the barn owls provided a window into the natural world.

Both owlets have now fledged – they will continue returning to the nest occasionally until September, when the webcam will be turned off for the winter. We are looking forward to 2021 already.

We would like to thank PFM Associates – our webcam sponsors for a second year – this glimpse into the natural world would not have been possible without you! PFM Associates advise on all areas of financial planning from life assurance, helping to arrange a mortgage or even saving for a ‘nest egg!’ Thank you to Wildlife Windows Ltd for the wildlife camera system. If you have loved watching these owlets grow and would like to donate to Dorset Wildlife Trust’s conservation work, please click here, or why not support us by becoming a member? Here’s the link.

WARNING: This is live, unedited footage of wildlife; at times, it is possible that there may be disturbing images of the natural world. These are wild creatures; Dorset Wildlife Trust’s policy is to allow nature to play out without disruption or interference. The webcam is located on Lorton Meadows Nature Reserve which is a publicly accessible site.  Please be aware that there is a chance you will hear talking or possibly bad language in the background of this webcam and if you are worried about this, please mute the audio before viewing.  DWT reserves the right to turn off the audio of the webcam from time to time if deemed necessary and appropriate. 

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Code of conduct: We welcome everyone on to our forum, but do ask that you be polite and respectful of others. Please do not use any bad language, full capitalisation of posts, offensive or controversial materials, please keep in mind that there will be children viewing this webcam. This forum is open to discussions of this webcam and barn owls in general. Again, please be aware that as this is live and unedited footage of wild barn owls, there may at times, be disturbing images of the natural world. Our policy is to allow nature to play out without disruption or interference.

Please note, due to the remoteness of the location, the camera connection can be cut off occasionally but we are aware of the issues and work to get them fixed as quickly as possible. In some cases, refreshing the page can work.

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Meet our webcam sponsors - PFM Associates

PFM Associates are a prominent Chartered company of Independent Financial Advisers , managing clients along the south coast, mainly in the Dorset and Hampshire areas. We advise on all areas of financial planning from life assurance, helping to arrange a mortgage, saving for a ‘nest egg’, to retirement planning and specialist investment advice.  We are eggs-tremely egg-cited to be able to help Dorset Wildlife Trust support and raise awareness of our amazing local wildlife, in particular this young family of barn owls. Please feel free to contact us should you need advice with any aspect of your financial planning!


PFM Associates

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