February Wildlife

Once again our expert staff here at Dorset Wildlife Trust have given away their wildlife tips. Here is what you can keep an eye out for this month!

  • Adders - the males will be out first, as soon as we get milder weather. You can tell the difference between male and female as the males are normally grey/dull with black zigzags, and the females brown/orange with brown zigzags.
  • Frogs and toads ­- probably more noticeable as they cross roads etc. Will be on the move when temp is steady 8 degrees or above.
  • Winter aconite ­will still be flowering early this month.
  • Keep an eye out for mud. There will be plenty of it around!
  • Tawny owls are starting to look for mates already and will be settling down to breed from Feb onwards. They can be seen at our Lorton Meadows Nature Reserve and lots of other places.





Female Adder - Steve Davis



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