March Wildlife

Once again our expert staff here at Dorset Wildlife Trust have given away their wildlife tips. Here is what you can keep an eye out for this month!

  • Snowdrops, daffodils and primroses will be on show this month, and make for beautiful walks!
  • Foxes will begin to have their cubs this month.
  • Look out for insects reappearing like bees and butterflies. Red admirals and brimstone butterflies will most likely be spotted in spring, with orange-tips towards the end of the month.
  • Bumble bee females are out at this time of year looking for new nesting places.
  • Song birds will start to look for nesting sites too. Next time you brush your dog or cat, leave the fur out on your lawn or pop it in a feeder. Birds like blue tits will scoop it up and use it for nesting material.
  • Badgers will also be having their cubs in March.
  • Chiffchaffs should also be in full song in early March. With their chiff-chaff song they are one of our easier birds to recognise!
  • Watch out for spawning frogs and toads in your garden pond or larger ponds in the countryside or parks. Did you know that female frogs often turn quite pink and blotchy before spawning.





Blue tit-3

Blue tit - Dorset Wildlife Trust



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