Grow wildlife-friendly herbs

Grow wildlife-friendly herbs

Planting herbs will attract important pollinators into your garden, which will, in turn, attract birds and small mammals looking for a meal.

No matter how big the space you have, you can please both people and wildlife with a majestic herb garden. Planting a herb garden will not only allow you easy access to seasoning for your food, but will also attract pollinators like bees and butterflies into your garden. Herb gardens can be planted in raised beds, borders, containers or windowboxes – any space will do!

Please people and wildlife with a herb garden!


If you use planters and group them together, you will also provide shelter for wildlife between them and increase your watering efficiency. You can use troughs, hanging baskets or terracotta pots for your wildlife-friendly plants.


Top ten wildlife-friendly herbs:

  • Rosemary - Rosmarinus officinalis
  • Caraway - Carum carvi
  • Hyssop - Hyssopus officinalis
  • English lavender - Lavandula angustifolia
  • Common sage - Salvia officinalis
  • Wild thyme - Thymus polytrichus
  • FennelFoeniculum vulgare 
  • Chives - Allium schoenoprasum
  • Common mint - Mentha spicata
  • Wild marjoramOriganum vulgare