Volunteering in west Dorset: Mary Civil

Volunteering in west Dorset: Mary Civil

Mary Civil tells us about her experience volunteering with Dorset Wildlife Trust in west Dorset. We're saying thank you to Mary and all our volunteers this Volunteers' Week 2021.

I have been volunteering with Dorset Wildlife Trust since 2013. At that time it was two days a week in the winter season with another group that met once a month on a Sunday. I have always enjoyed my time with Dorset Wildlife Trust, the tasks are varied and I don't mind what we are doing although hedgelaying is my favourite. It is so satisfying to do the work - to see a well laid hedge and see it again in the following summer when it is back in full leaf and hopefully growing vigorously. 

I enjoy the company - we always have a laugh and, before Covid-19, sharing cakes or jacket potatoes round the fire brought the group together.

I have missed it enormously during Covid-19. I miss the exercise, being out on the reserve and of course I miss the company. On the plus side my energies have gone into my own garden which has never had so much attention!
Returning to volunteering has been good, both to catch up with friends old and new but also to be outside doing something constructive rather than just passing the time. Who knew digging post holes could be such fun! The spring flowers in the woodland were a real treat!

Mary Civil