Volunteers' Week: Community Reserves Volunteers

Volunteers' Week: Community Reserves Volunteers

Long-term volunteers, Jane and Phil Blake tell us about all the fantastic ways they have helped Dorset Wildlife Trust over the last ten years on Upton Heath.

We feel very privileged to live near to Upton Heath and regularly enjoy walks on the heath. About ten years ago, Dorset Wildlife Trust put out a request for 'lookerers' to support the Grazing Manager who is responsible for the cows grazing the heath. The cows need to be checked every twenty-four hours and we were asked to check that they are all present and not suffering in any way. Checking the cows whilst walking has become part of our daily routine and walks on the heath help us to keep fit both physically and mentally. 

In addition to this whilst out on the heath we take part in the Community Reserves Volunteers scheme. Where possible and where safe, we deal with littering and cutting bramble back ourselves, but when it needs expert assistance, we report information to the wardens.  

The work of maintaining our heaths is a demanding one. All of the needs cannot be funded by cash, and gifts of time can help with some of the smaller tasks associated with managing heathland. 

We love our heath and welcome the opportunity to give something back in gratitude for the very special place that Dorset Wildlife Trust has allowed us to share. 

Jane and Phil Blake 2

Jane and Phil Blake