Work party at Bluebell Community Woodland

Work party at Bluebell Community Woodland

Adam Cormack

Volunteers, Church members and the Friends of Hamworthy Park turned out in force for the work party at the Bluebell Community Woodland over one recent weekend.

Trees were planted along the boundary as part of the Urban Green project, to develop the woodland and in another area, as part of the Queen’s Canopy project. The 3rd Hamworthy Brownies had made bird food balls which they hung in the trees. A new information board was installed at the entrance to the woodland along the Cobbs Lane footpath to give visitors an introduction to the history and wildlife in the woodland.

Most of the hazel saplings planted were lovingly grown from seed by Eileen Galpin and her son Ian. Eileen, who is nearly 90 years old, grows the trees in her garden in Poole and then donates them all to Dorset Wildlife Trust. As well as growing trees from seedlings, she is well known for having rescued hundreds of caddisfly larvae from ponds and waterways in her neighbourhood which were being built over and translocating them into her two garden ponds. A huge thank you to Eileen and Ian for all they do for wildlife in their local area.

Further work parties are being organised in the community woodland, which will include learning to coppice hazel, taking part in story walk workshops, creating compost bins and installing nesting boxes. Keep up to date with news by following the Bluebell Community Woodland Facebook page and do get involved if you can!