Living Landscapes

Restore, recreate and reconnect wildlife habitats on a vast scale in harmony with the way people live, work and enjoy the land.

Living Landscapes are:

  • Full of wildlife, with space for nature to adapt to climate change
  • Highly valued by people to enjoy and learn about nature
  • Helping local communities and businesses to thrive
  • Our life support system, providing food, absorbing ‘greenhouse’ gases, giving us clean water and reviving our spirits

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A Living landscape - the bigger picture

Download and read a Living Landscape - the bigger picture (PDF file, 1.46mb) to find out more.

"This document reveals the South West Wildlife Trusts' grand plan to protect what we have and link up fragmented habitats to re-create much of what we've lost. It's about giving wildlife a chance but also renewing the landscape for the people who live in this glorious region and depend on a healthy environment. Read all about the innovative concept of A Living Landscape and the ecosystem approach."

Simon King, Vice President
of the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts

What we are doing for Living Landscapes:

  • Managing, expanding and linking habitats so wildlife can thrive across whole landscapes and in our towns.
  • Providing advice to farmers and other land managers to help wildlife and allow nature to adapt to climate change.
  • Managing DWT’s nature reserves as havens for wildlife and showcases where everyone can experience nature.
  • Providing opportunities for people from all walks of life to get involved with the natural environment.
  • Ensuring wildlife has a voice when decisions on development plans, policies and funding are made.

Simon King at The Villa Brownsea with his cuppa


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