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Dorset Bats in the Belfry Project

What's it all about?

As part of Open Air Laboratories Network Dorset Bat Group have initiated a new project called Dorset Bats in the Belfry.

The project is working alongside Dorset Wildlife Trust's Living Churchyards and Cemeteries scheme which engages local communities to get involved in the management of their churchyards for the benefit of wildlife.

This project has over 100 parishes involved many of which are within urban areas where bats have never been recorded!

Training Events and Survey Toolkits

As part of the Dorset Bats in the Belfry project we are holding a number of training events and are providing toolkits to assist people to survey their local area for bats.

If you would like to be involved or require more information about the project please contact Dorset Bat Group by  or call Emily Newton on 01305 264620.

Submit Your Bat Records Online or by Post

It's easy to submit your bat sightings online using the online form below, or download a copy of the Bat Survey Form and return it to the address shown on the downloaded form.




Bechsteins bat by Hugh Clark

Above: Bechsteins bat by Hugh Clark

Noctule Bat by Hugh Clark  

Above: Noctule bat by Hugh Clark

Bat Survey Form

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