Email your MP

Badger © Wildstock

Badger © Wildstock

Here's how...

Email your MP and tell them you value nature and badgers and want the cull halted now.

Tips for writing your email:

  • Make your email clear and concise.
  • We recommend making your email personal, concentrating on the key messages and using your own words. If you need some help, why not write something like the following in your own words?

I am writing as one of your constituents to express my concern that the government is allowing the badger culls to progress. Science and Lord Krebs’s review has shown that they will make no meaningful contribution to reducing bovine TB in cattle, yet many thousands of badgers will be needlessly killed. Please stop this cull and support the farming industry by improving biosecurity and cattle vaccination with the vaccination of badgers in the short-term.

  • We also suggest you make it clear what you would like to happen next and make suggestions of how the government should stop badger culling, e.g. withdraw the controlled shooting licences; help farmers with improved biosecurity; commit to a badger vaccination strategy and push for changes to allow the cattle vaccination.

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