Frisky Frogs

When should I expect frog spawn in my pond?

The arrival of frog spawn in our ponds is a sure sign spring is on its way! In warmer years, frogs spawn has been recorded in Dorset as early as January!

I have found some frog spawn, what should I expect?

One clump of frogspawn can contain up to 4000 eggs! The frogspawn develops into tadpoles at around 10 days. It can then take up to 14 weeks for the tiny tadpole to develop into a froglet that is ready to begin its journey outside the water!

Little froglets mature over about 3 years before breeding themselves and starting the lifecylcle all over again. Over that time, the frog will eat many unwanted slugs and snails from your garden, making them the perfect natural pest controller!

What should I do with the frogs spawn in my pond?

Leave it where it is! Only an astonishingly small number of the frogs spawn will reach the froglet stage of its life cycle and be able to leave the pond. Disturbing the frogs spawn could further decrease the chances of any of the frogs spawn maturing.

I think I have too much frog spawn in my pond, what should I do?

It is understandable that when confronted with a pond full to the brim with frogs spawn you begin to panic that your garden will become infested with the little hoppers.

Fear not! Frogs, like many other amphibians, lay thousands of eggs at a time. Only a very small portion of the frogs spawn will hatch into tadpoles, and fewer still will metamorphose into a froglet ready to leave the pond.

Should I give some frogs spawn away or accept frogspawn I’ve been offered?

Never share or accept frogs spawn. Moving frogspawn causes cross contamination of amphibious diseases and invasive plant species that could have disastrous effects on pond life.

What effects can cross contamination have on my pond?

Some amphibian diseases can inflict serious health problems. Side effects can include physical deformities, respiratory problems and skin lesions that hugely impact the frog’s ability to survive not to mention cause stress and suffering. 

Invasive plant species are aggressive and difficult to manage. This can decrease the diversity of flora in your pond which can result in a decline of species using your pond.

For more information on frogs and aquatic diseases, check out Amphibian and Reptile Conservation.

I have found some stranded frogs spawn, what should I do?

As sad as it may seem it is important to leave the frogs spawn where it is. It is normal behaviour for a frog to lay its eggs in an inappropriate location where the water is not established, such as a puddle or bucket of water. Frogs compensate for this by laying thousands of eggs at a time!

It is a part of nature and interfering may have long term negative effects.


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