Gardening for Wildlife

What plants will encourage wildlife into my garden?

There are so many plants available that planning a wildlife friendly garden can be daunting! Before heading off to the garden centre do as much research as possible. When buying plants or seeds always read the label to make sure the plant is native.

Remember, balance and diversity are key! Visit our Wildlife Gardening page to have a look at current wildlife gardening topics as well as photos from past wildlife gardening entrants that may give you some inspiration!

We have also made a list of Wildlife Friendly Plants that may help you in deciding what plants you'd like in your garden or read through our Top 10 Wildlife Gardening Tips.

If you require any further information on wildlife gardening then contact Joy Wallis, Community Conservation Officer on

What is an alien species and what should I look out for? 

An alien species is simply a non native species that has arrived either accidentally in Britain or has been introduced. Often alien species can out compete our own native plants and cause them to decline.

There are so many alien species in our British gardens today that it is hard to give a definitive list of alien plant species that you could find! Check out the Non-native Species Secretariat for further information.

If you are worried that you have alien plant species growing in your garden and would like advice on how to manage it, send us a photo on Twitter to @DorsetWildlife or post it on our Facebook page. Our team of gardening experts will take a look and get back to you as soon as possible with information and advice on your mystery plant.

What is Dorset Wildlife Trust's Wildlife Gardening Competition?

Dorset Wildlife Trust recognises that wildlife will use whatever is available. We also know how hard people work to keep wildlife thriving across the county! 

Because of this, Dorset Wildlife Trust developed a Wildlife Gardening competition, sponsored by The Garden’s Group, to enable gardeners to share their wonderful wildlife havens with others.

Big or small, size doesn’t matter! The competition is judged in 3 categories depending on the size of your garden, is free to enter, is a chance for you to have your hard work recognised and maybe even inspire others to start gardening for wildlife too!

Every entry to the competition is visited and receives feedback so if you fancy your garden a winner for wildlife click here for more information.


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