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Female tawny mining bee © Nick Upton 2020VISION 

Help pollinators in your garden with our top tips!

Thank you to everyone who took part in our biggest ever campaign - #GetDorsetBuzzing. We were blown away by how many of you signed up to help pollinators in your gardens! We now have a legacy of more than 4,000 buzzing gardens and we're keen to support everyone to keep helping our buzzing friends. On this page you'll find lots of ideas for wildlife gardening that you can use at any time of year from our Wildlife Gardening expert Kate Bradbury, as well as some inspiration from our wildlife garden competition winners, how to guides and blogs.

We'd like to say thanks again to our campaign sponsors The Gardens Group and Wessex Water for their support! 

Wildlife Gardening advice

Here Kate Bradbury talks about what you can do in your garden at any time of year to help pollinators and other wildlife.

A year of wildlife blog advice

Take action to help wildlife

Discover amazing gardens

Meet our garden heroes from our wildlife gardening competition 2019. You can sign up to get a wildlife friendly plaque here.

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