I found this in my garden, how can I identify it?

There are so many resources out there that provide great information on wildlife identification, whether you spotted it in your garden or out and about!

General Identifications

For mammals, visit the Mammal Society Species Hub.
For birds, check out RSPB Bird Identifier tool.
For reptiles and amphibians, take a look at Amphibian and Reptile Conservation.
For invertebrates, use Richard Comont's blog Insect Rambles that has many useful search facilities.

Let the experts take a look at iSpot 

If you’re still struggling to identify what you saw, and have a photo, then visit iSpot where a community of experts can take a look at your picture and provide a reliable ID of what you saw. Insects, mammals, reptiles or birds, iSpot is a great way of sharing what you have seen with the nation and results are automatically inputted into various recording schemes that contribute to understanding wildlife distributions and abundance across the UK.

Send us a photo, or bring in "signs" for us to have a look

If you weren’t quick enough with the camera then wildlife can be messy! Dorset Wildlife Trust are happy to have a look at pictures of animal tracks, leftover food like nut shells and even poo if you’re able to get a sample! Send us a photo on Twitter to @DorsetWildlife or post it on our Facebook page.  You could even drop by your local centre and our team of experts will give you their opinions on what you have hiding in your garden!


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