Injured Animals

What should I do?

Wild animals always have the potential to be dangerous. Claws, beaks, teeth and horns, wildlife can be unpredictable and astonishingly strong willed particularly when injured and feeling threatened.

If possible avoid contact with the animal. Wild animals are scared of humans, so naturally if we try to get too close they will panic which can cause further injury making the situation worse than when you started!

The RSPCA offer great advice on the best ways to handle and transport wild animals that require veterinary assistance.

Who should I contact?

Dorset Wildlife Trust are unable to offer any rehabilitation services for injured wildlife ­ we just don’t have the resources!

It is important that each situation is considered individually. For information on Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation in Dorset have a read through the information offered by Dorset Wildlife Rescue. They have a comprehensive FAQ section that may help you in deciding what to do with your animal without having to involve a third party! If you need specialist advice or emergency attention call them directly on 07502 299362.


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