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European-lobster-hiding-in-the-rocky-reef-at-Poole-Rocks-summMCZ--Matt-DoggettDorset Wildlife Trust (DWT) welcomes a long-awaited byelaw for protecting sensitive seabed habitats and marine life.  This legislation will extend areas closed to mobile fishing (such as trawling and dredging), to cover features within Dorset's two inshore Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs), Poole Rocks and Chesil Beach and Stennis Ledges.   

Seal-pup-released-into-Poole-HarbourSUMM--Julie-HatcherDorset Wildlife Trust (DWT) and the RSPCA have released three common seal pups back into the sea in Poole Harbour, after having been cared for by the team at the RSPCA West Hatch Wildlife Centre in Taunton.

Osprey Andy Morffew- ready done small

Dorset Wildlife Trust (DWT), the National Trust and RSPB have teamed-up to showcase Poole Harbour, its islands and the spectacular wildlife that can be found there, with a series of bird boat trips from September 2017 – February 2018. 

Squat-lobster-by-Richard-YorkesummA new website has been launched with high quality audio visual images, to allow users to ‘dive-in’ and explore Poole Rocks Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) and discover its wondrous and colourful marine life. 

Bonnemime--Janet-France-Sargeant-summ(2)Dorset Wildlife Trust’s (DWT’s) Seal project has enabled conservationists to discover that a resident seal, originally named ‘Domino’ has set up home in Poole Harbour for nine years, after a journey from France in 2007 when she was just a pup.

Starry-smoothhound-shark--Chris-RobertssummDorset Wildlife Trust (DWT) is offering the public a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to name a newly recommended Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) in Dorset, 30km south of Bournemouth, in Dorset.

Releasing the seals © Julie HatcherDorset Wildlife Trust (DWT) and the RSPCA have released two common seals back into the sea in Poole Harbour, after having been cared for by the team at the RSPCA West Hatch Wildlife Centre in Taunton since they arrived on August 18th 2016.  DWT hopes to monitor them through the Dorset Seal project, using its ‘seal cam’.

Worbarrow-Bay-beach-clean--Phil-AbrahamsummDorset Wildlife Trust (DWT) is looking for new recruits to join a keen group of volunteers at the Fine Foundation Marine Centre, Kimmeridge, in Dorset.

S- Fundraising-and-Marketing Communications Press-releases Press-Releases 2016-PRESS-RELEASES Sunfish-found-at-Kimmeridge Ocean-sunfish-DWT-JHatcher2summAn ocean sunfish has been found washed up on the beach at Kimmeridge this morning and is possibly one of the first such strandings in Dorset. 

Molar-the-grey-seal-sighted-off-Portland-Bill--Sarah-Hodgson-summDorset Wildlife Trust (DWT) is excited to learn that a seal photographed at Portland Bill twice over the last few days, is also known in Cornwall.  The female grey seal, named, ‘Molar’ was recorded by Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust (CSGRT) in St Austell Bay in November 2014, and hadn’t been seen for two years.


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