Competition Results: To Name a Newly Recommended Marine Conservation Zone (rMCZ) in Dorset

Dorset Wildlife Trust (DWT) were authorised to offer the public a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to name an offshore area that Defra is considering in Tranche 3 of the MCZ network designation process.

The site is located 30km south of Bournemouth and encompasses 191 km2.  It has been recommended for a particular type of seabed habitat called ‘subtidal coarse sediment’, however the seabed here, which reaches depths of 30-50m, also supports a range of other habitats including sand interspersed with cobble and boulder reef and bedrock exposures. Collectively, these habitats are home to animals such as soft corals, sponges, bryozoans, brittlestars and anemones.  Scroll down for images of these associated species.

The competition for name suggestions ended with a public poll and the top three favourites were Purbeck Beds, The Jurassic Ledge and Durlston Deeps.  These three names will now be submitted to Defra for a final decision as to whether the current name should be changed if the area is designated.  It should be noted that this proposal of an alternative name does not imply that the site will be selected for Tranche 3, and will only be considered if it is designated.  Defra is of course under no obligation to use any of the names proposed.



Name that site final results


Seabed imagery © Dorset Wildlife Trust
Contains MCA data ©Crown Copyright
Not to be used for navigation

The above map provides a bit of context - you can see detail of the seabed (where we have data), some images from the survey work carried out for the Navitus proposals and names of nearby sites and features.  Zoom in or click on the image icons. 

Read more about Marine Protected Areas in Dorset here.

Associated Species

Scroll down to see some of the species found within the site.

dead mans fingers by Peter Tinsley
Dead mans fingers (coral) by Peter TInsley

Catshark by Paul Naylor .uk banner
Catshark by Paul Naylor

Common brittlestars Melfort 1 RJ2 c Paul Naylor .uk banner
Common brittlestars by Paul Naylor

Dragonet by Peter TInsley
Dragonet by Peter Tinsley

Polymastia Sponge by Peter Tinsley
A sponge (Polymastia spp.) by Peter Tinsley

Undulate ray by Peter TInsley
Undulate ray by Peter Tinsley

starry smoothhound shark by Chris Roberts banner
Starry smoothhound by Chris Roberts

Brown crab by Paul Naylor .uk banner
Brown crab by Paul Naylor

Dahlia anemone by Paul Naylor
Dahlia anemone by Paul Naylor

Cod juvenile (Paul Naylor 07041 351307)
Juvenile cod by Paul Naylor


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