Dorset Wildlife Trust’s barn owl webcam is now streaming live

Dorset Wildlife Trust’s barn owl webcam is now streaming live

Wildlife lovers in Dorset and around the world can once again tune in live to watch a pair of barn owls nesting and raising their chicks on a nature reserve, near Weymouth.

Last spring and summer tens of thousands of viewers took great pleasure in watching the two resident barn owls nesting and raising their chicks, from the comfort of their own homes.

The barn owl pair we saw last year roosted in the box throughout the entire winter – a sure sign they felt at home and had a good source of food from the surrounding Lorton Meadows nature reserve. This spring, viewers can witness first-hand their intriguing behaviours, including preening, mating and eating, and hear their characteristic chittering, screeching or hissing, all live via the webcam. With breeding season now upon us, hopefully viewers will soon see eggs, and the special first moments of a chick’s life. Any webcam followers can comment on the dedicated web page to share what they’ve seen and help build a picture of how the pair are getting on. 

Dorset Wildlife Trust has also launched new barn owl adoption this year, which includes a certificate of adoption and a fascinating sheet of barn owl facts, for just £15. Adopting a barn owl is a great way for webcam viewers and wildlife lovers to help protect these majestic, but declining birds in Dorset. The proceeds will help ensure barn owls across the county continue to benefit from good quality habitat, through Dorset Wildlife Trust’s conservation work on nature reserves and engagement with the local community and farmers. Barn owls hunt rodents such as voles, shrews and mice in rough grassland, but much of this habitat has been lost due to increased pressures on the countryside from development and food production, contributing to their widespread decline. 

Emily Newton, Dorset Wildlife Trust’s Landowner Liaison Officer said: “It’s always a special moment when you see a barn owl; it feels like you are really sharing a moment with nature. We are so lucky to be able to view this pair in their nest and will hopefully get to watch their young develop and leave the nest.
“This year and last, many people have turned to nature for some solace and respite from the stressful circumstances we are living in, and Dorset Wildlife Trust are grateful to be able to share these barn owls with the viewers.

“Breeding success for barns owls is dependent on having good plentiful supplies of food to rear their young and grassland fields like the ones at Lorton Meadows are perfect for this, as are some of the rougher grassland sites along the coast and on farmland where farmers specifically manage grass margins in their fields to increase numbers of small mammals.” 

Dorset-based independent financial advisers PFM Associates have kindly sponsored this year’s barn owl webcam once again. Streaming these majestic creatures wouldn’t be possible without their support.

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