Nifty Newts

What should I do with the newts in my garden pond?

Newts are sadly in decline. These specialist little creatures are losing their preferred habitat fast and what with the unpredictable seasons, numbers in recent years have really suffered.

If you find newts in your garden try to interfere as little as possible. Avoid handling as substances on the surface of our hands can damage their delicate skin. If you feel a newt is in danger then move it to more suitable spot close by ensuring your hands are thoroughly wet!

I’ve found a newt out of water, should I move it back to a pond?

Newts actually spend most of their life outside of the water.

Try to support your newts by placing habitat piles near to their pond that will provide protection to over winter. Piles of logs are ideal! Doing this will encourage newts in your garden year after year.

How can I encourage newts to breed in my pond?

Try planting soft vegetation along the water’s edge of your pond. This will provide perfect material for newts to lay their eggs.

Generally newts prefer ponds with a south facing bank that catches the sun and keeps the pond warm. If you have any trees or large shrubbery keeping your pond in the shade cut some of it back. This will open up the pond and encourage your newts to breed.

Where can I get more information on newts?

For more handy hints and help with newt ID check out Amphibian and Reptile Conservation


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