Wildlife Nestbox Cameras

What birds have we got in the boxes?

Dorset Wildlife Trust has been spying on all sorts of birds over the years. From barn owls to buzzards, there is always something going on in our nest cams!

You can check out what birds we have by clicking here. Be patient if you don’t see the birds clearly straight away -­ it can take up to 40 seconds to load the webcam.

I saw one of the birds behaving oddly, what was it doing?

If you see some interesting behaviour from our residents the quickest way to get an answer to any question is to post them onto the feed next to the webcam. This will instantaneously send out your query and notify others following the action that something interesting is happening. We have people watching from all over the world including lots of experts who are happy to share their knowledge with you!

If you’re not satisfied with the response you get or your questions go unanswered then you could always screenprint the image of the webcam and send it to us on Twitter using @DorsetWildlife along with a description of what you saw and heard. We’ll let our experts have a look and get back to you as soon as we can. 


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