Dorset Bat Group

Daubenton's Bat © Nick Tomlinson.

Daubenton's Bat © Nick Tomlinson.

Dorset Bat Group

Welcome to the Dorset Bat Group

We are volunteers with a shared passion - we all love bats! Our role is to help record and protect the bats of Dorset. We do this by carrying out surveys, roost visits, engaging with the public - anything that will help raise awareness of the bats around us and the need for their protection. We are a membership organisation and are always looking for like-minded people to help us care for bats in Dorset. 


Dorset Bats in the Belfry Project

As part of Open Air Labatories Network, Dorset Bat Group initiated a project called Dorset Bats in the Belfry, 

Find out more about the Dorset Bats in the Belfry project.  


Are you interested in training to become a roost visitor? Dorset Bat Group provides the opportunity for training and obtaining experience. For more information, please email with the word 'Training' in the subject box. Download further information and our training documents below. 

About Bats

In the UK there are 18 species of bat, 17 of which breed. Dorset is an exceptional county for bats and we have all 17 breeding species present. We've gathered more information about the different bat species in the download below. There are also maps to show you where bats have been recorded in Dorset. 

Contact and Links

Contact us: 
Dorset Bat Group
c/o Dorset Wildlife Trust 
Brooklands Farm
DT2 7AA 

Found a bat?
Dorset Bat Group and Dorset Wildlife Trust are not rescue charities and so if you have found a bat, please visit the Bat Conservation Trust website for advice or call their helpline on 0345 1300 228.

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