Top green tips for sustainable living

You want to be green and care for the environment but with a busy schedule, sometimes it seems like a lot of time and effort is needed to make an impact. But don’t worry, there are small changes you can make in your daily life that take little or no time or effort and can actually save you money in the process. Why not try out some of our tips below? 

1. Reduce single use plastic (esp. bags, straws and bottles)

Say no to single use plastic bags, drinking straws and plastic bottles – your environment, especially our seas, will thank you. Some of these items can hang around for over 500 years before they start to break down, even then they are bad news for our environment. 

Swaps include reusable water bottles, stainless steel straws, reusable bags and recycling any single use products that you come across.

2. Composting

Not only is composting your food scraps great for reducing waste, it's beneficial for your garden and its wildlife. But don’t despair if you don’t have a garden, you can still compost. Many councils are now offering a food waste collection bin and you can even freeze your scraps until the bin is ready to go out - a top tip, especially in the summer.

3. Source your seafood responsibly

Source your seafood responsibly: Ask where and how it was caught and research species biology.  Support local and low impact fishers. More information can be found here.

4. Power down

Don’t forgot to switch off appliances when you’ve finishing using them. Computer screens, games consoles and phone charges are often left plugged in or on standby, draining both power and your hard-earned cash.

5. Take your own coffee mug (and get a 10% discount at Taste Café and Lorton Meadows)

Coffee cups and their environmental impact have been in the news recently – and for good reason. A shockingly high number of the takeaway coffee cups are non-recyclable. The best way to avoid this unsuitable practice is to carry your own reusable cup. Whether it's bamboo, glass or ceramic you're doing your bit to cut down on waste. The Taste Café at the DWT Fine Foundation Chesil Beach Centre and our coffee facilities at the Lorton Meadows Conservation Centre both offer 10% off a takeaway hot drink when you bring a reusable cup!

To learn more click here.

6. Buy and support local 

Dorset Wildlife Trust is Dorset born and bred – the support from our members and the profit from our shops goes straight back to looking after our amazing wildlife and countryside right here in Dorset. Take a look at our shop offers.

Our sustainable sourcing

"We will develop ranges of products that are consistent with and supportive of our DWT ethos and aims for wildlife and nature.  Where possible we will focus on locally sourced and made products that have acceptable environmental and sustainable credentials."

Where possible we aim to:

  • Source ethically, reduce our environmental impact and buy products that support the DWT ethos and aims for wildlife and nature.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Source and support local
  • Avoid single-use packaging


Where possible we aim to reduce our need for packaging and actively reuse or recycle any packaging that is delivered to us. Many of our packages sent out to you are in reused boxes and repurposed packaging. We work with suppliers to avoid unnecessary packaging on our products especially single used plastic. 

Our pictures show #MarineLitter and a #2minutebeachclean. 



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