Utterly Otters

Are otter protected?

Otter are fully protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. This means it is an offence to injure or kill an otter, or indirectly harm an otter through disturbance.

Are otter endangered in the UK?

At one time, otter in the UK were on the brink of extinction. Positive conservation efforts have allowed these beautiful creatures to make a comeback and re establish themselves on our rivers.

What should I do about otters taking fish from my pond/ fishery?

Unfortunately some fishery owners feel otter populations negatively impact on the fishery industry.

The Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts has worked with the Environment Agency and Natural England to produce an information leaflet about otter and fisheries in the UK. The leaflet provides comprehensive advice on “otter proofing” fisheries whilst not harming the local population. The leaflet can be downloaded for free here.

If you are concerned about otter in your area please contact Rachel Janes, Dorset Wildlife Trust Rivers & Wetlands Conservation Officer, on 01305 264620 or email on rjanes@dorsetwildlifetrust.org.uk


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