Volunteers FAQ

Registration of volunteers

Registering to volunteer with Dorset Wildlife Trust is a very straightforward matter of submitting an an online registration form, or completing a hard copy form available from Brooklands by phoning on 01305 264620.  The form is suitable for existing and new volunteers.  Submission of the online form will result in the details being sent to the Volunteering Programme Manager via email.

All forms are next sorted into 'existing volunteers' and 'potential volunteers'.  This is determined by the tick box on the online form. 

Potential volunteers will be included in future mailing of the e-bulletin, Volunteering Alert.  This provides timely information on all that is happening with regards to volunteering with Dorset Wildlife Trust - enabling the individual to pick the best opporttunity to suit their needs, be it by type, location or time.  On completion of their first task or opportunity, they will then become an 'existing volunteer'.  Please note that there will not be any specific communication in response to an online registration - we have an average of 10 per day coming in and simply do not have the resources available to contact each individual directly!   If you do have a specific role/opportunity you wish to discuss the please do contact us via email or call Susanna Holford (Volunteering Administration Assistant) on 01202 692033 or Steve Davis (HR and Volunteering Programme Manager) on 01305 264620.

Existing volunteers will also be included in future mailing of Volunteering Alert.  In addition, they will also be sent an enamelled volunteers' lapel badge. The badge allows the volunteer to proudly display their involvement with Dorset Wildlife Trust.

Why haven't I had my badge yet?

There has been a delay in getting the registration of existing volunteers processed, and we are slowly catching up.  Badges are despatched in batches every month -so bear with us and we will catch up soon! If you would like to confirm that your registration is being processed, please email the Volunteering Programme Manager Steve Davis and we will check your details.

If you clicked no in response to the question 'Are you an existing DWT Volunteer?', you will not be eligible for a badge until you have started volunteering for us.

If this has not answered your questions about the Registration process for volunteering with DWT, please do contact us by or call 01202 692033.




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