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Upton Heath © Andy Fale

Upton Heath © Andy Fale

Our Vision & Mission: 

Our vision is a secure future for Dorset's wildlife, enriching everyone's quality of life. 

Our mission is to champion wildlife and natural places, to engage and inspire people and to promote sustainable living. 

AGM 2017 Documents 

Click here to view the Notice of AGM and Resolutions 

Click here to view the proposed new Articles of Association

Click here to view the Trustees report and financial statements

Financial statements:

Click here to read DWT's 2017 financial statement

Click here to read DWT's 2016 financial statement

Click here to read DWT's 2015 financial statement.  

Click here to read DWT's 2014 financial statement. 

Reviews of our work

You can download historical annual reviews of our work at the following links:

> Annual review 2011/12
> Annual review 2012/13
> Annual review 2013/14
> Annual review 2014/15
> Annual review 2015/16
> Annual review 2016/17

Strategic plan: 

Click here to read DWT's strategic plan 2014-2017. 

DWT & Partnerships: 

Click here to read more about DWT's partnerships. 

Click here to view the current articles of Association for Dorset Wildlife Trust. 

2015 Highlights

Kimmeridge Bay by Jane Adams

To find out more about our highlights for 2015 click here

Climate Change

Cow Kingcombe

Read more about Pastures New our Living Landscapes conservation programme:

> Living Landscapes
> Pastures New

Conservation Work


Working for Dorset's environment to be richer in wildlife for everyone...

> Our nature reserves
> Our Annual Review 2015/16
Our Annual Review 2014/15
> Our Annual Review 2013/14
> Our Annual Review 2012/13
> Our Annual Review 2011/12

Wildlife Protection

Bluebells by Jane V Adams

Defending wildlife sites,  advising planners and providing evidence to save threatened habitats and species.

Find out more...

Marine Conservation

Kimmeridge Bay Jane Adams

Working towards marine protected areas

> Marine conservation
> Marine events
> Marine latest news

Inspiring & Educating


From natural history courses and community education programmes to organised walks and talks:

> Educational services


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