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Scientific name: Sagittaria sagittifolia
Arrowhead is an aquatic plant of shallow water and slow-moving waterways. In bloom over summer, it displays small, white flowers, but it is the arrow-shaped leaves that are most distinctive.

Species information


Height: up to 80cm

Conservation status


When to see

June to September


Arrowhead is a tall, aquatic plant that is often found in shallow water or along the margins of slow-moving watercourses. It is in bloom from June to September, displaying small, white flowers; but it is the arrow-shaped leaves that are most distinctive. Like other aquatic plants, it offers resting and sheltering places for aquatic insects like dragonflies and damselflies.

How to identify

Arrowhead has arrow-shaped emergent leaves, rounded leaves near the water's surface, and narrow leaves underneath the water. Its small, white flowers have dark centres and sit in clusters at the ends of its stems.


Mainly found in England and Northern Ireland.

Did you know?

The flowers of Arrowhead are open in the afternoon and early evening, attracting late-flying insects.

How people can help

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