Dorset Barn Owl Project

(Above) Video: Building barn owl boxes at Dorset Wildlife Trust

“You cannot care for what you do not know”

Our barn owls are in serious decline. The recent wet summers and cold winters have meant hunting conditions have been really tough; chicks and adult owls have perished.  Barn owls are now a rare sight in the countryside and the future for these birds is uncertain, without conservation action the next generation will be lucky to glimpse wild barn owls in Dorset. 

The Dorset Wildlife Trust need your help to deliver a program of school talks, guided walks and events to encourage people to care about and record any sightings of barn owls.  These sightings/records will then form the basis of our targeted advice to farmers and landowners to ensure habitat is created and restored where it will benefit barn owls most. 

Record your sightings

Please report all Barn Owl nests, roost sites, and sightings (dead or alive) at the Barn Owl Trust survey page

Helpful leaflets to download

Little Owls and Nestboxes
Erecting your Nestbox
Nestboxes for use in Barns & Other Buildings
Nestboxes for use on Trees
Habitat Management
Tawny Owl Nestboxes

State of the UK Barn Owl population - 2013

Many thanks to The Barn Owl Trust for the use of these downloads.


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