How to have a plastic- free Halloween

How to have a plastic- free Halloween

Halloween is often a great time for spooky family fun, but unfortunately it is often full of plastic.

If Halloween costumes and masks to copious amounts of plastic wrapped treats is enough to scare you, check out our top tips for a plastic free Halloween!

Bring costumes back from the dead
It can be great fun dressing up as your favourite spooky character, but a recent survey found that Halloween costumes are often made up of 90% plastic. An incredible 7 million Halloween costumes are thrown away each year in the UK. But you can avoid this by:

  • Making your own costume from old clothes or cardboard
  • Costume swap with friends a family
  • Rent a costume just for the night

Paint on a scary face
If you are looking for a waste-free costume, face paint is the perfect option! Choose a natural, non-toxic face paint that washes off at the end of the night. Transform into a ghastly ghost or a skeleton without the plastic waste.

Halloween costumes are often made up of 90% plastic

Don't waste your pumpkin
Carving a pumpkin is a family friendly activity which screams Halloween. But what do you do with the leftovers? Sadly, a horrifying 8 million pumpkins will be thrown out after Halloween in the UK alone. How about using the leftovers to make a pumpkin pie or soup? Alternatively, roasted pumpkin seeds make a quick and easy snack! 

Reusable treat containers
Upcycle a plastic tub, pillowcase or tote bag by decorating it with a spooky design. It will last for many years to come!

Home-baked treats
Instead of individual plastic-wrapped sweets, cook up some fudge or bake your own spooky cookies. Children will love decorating them!

Get creative and make decorations that are recyclable! How about...

  • Paper ghosts, bats and garlands
  • Construct an autumnal Halloween wreath made from twigs and leaves
  • Create autumn leaf lanterns using old jam jars and leaves
  • Transform milk jugs into ghost lanterns
  • Use brown string to create spider webs