Volunteering Week - Why I volunteer by Mitch Perkins

Volunteering Week - Why I volunteer by Mitch Perkins

To celebrate National Volunteering Week, we're hearing from some of our volunteers to find out why they're so inspired to work with Dorset Wildlife Trust, helping wildlife and people in Dorset.

I volunteer on Brownsea Island with visitor engagement and have been helping out at the Urban Wildlife Centre with the 'Get Dorset Buzzing' campaign.

All the DWT crew (staff & volunteers) are really friendly and helpful. They will patiently answer the daftest of questions and are happy to share their knowledge on everything from identifying moths, to how to set up gazebos!

I really value the opportunities that volunteering gives.  It is helping me improve my ID skills & hopefully become a better naturalist.  It is really rewarding, albeit in a small way, to help promote the work of DWT and to be able to share a love of nature with the public. 

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