Where to Buy Dorset Seafood

Buying Dorset-caught seafood generally means a higher quality product, as boats bring their catch ashore daily rather than relying on ice to keep it fresh for days at a time before the boat returns to port. With seafood, freshness is everything.

Persuade your seafood supplier to support their local fishermen and show provenance. Get to know your local seafood - there are over 40 species caught in Dorset to choose from.  Be more adventurous and ask for what is in season, rather than sticking with the old favourites.   Don't be afraid to ask.  

To search local seafood outlets click on the Dorset Food and Drink logo below:

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To read the latest sustainable seafood ratings for Dorset fish visit the Marine Conservation Society's Good Fish Guide.


Arrow Fresh Seafood - What to Look For?

Fin fish:

Eyes - bright and clear.  They go grey after a few days.
Aroma ­ - should smell of the sea with no fishy or sour odours.
Flesh - should be translucent, firm and bounce back when depressed.
Gills ­ - should be red and blood coloured.  In older fish the colour will fade.


Shelled and uncooked bivalves such as scallops, mussels or cockles should close tightly when handled and show no signs of damage. 

Crabs and lobsters:

Cooked - ­ should be weighty and shell undamaged.
Live - ­ eyes and legs should be immediately responsive.  

For cooking live crabs and lobsters, please be mindful of the RSPCA Unacceptable Killing of Crustacea Guidelines:

  • Cutting the lobster across the body and thus separating the head from the tail without first destroying the nerve centres.
  • Cutting crabs into sections without first destroying the front and rear nerve centres.
  • Boiling them alive.
  • Leaving crabs/lobsters in freshwater to drown.
  • Removing flesh from live animals.
  • Serving live crustaceans.

> Read the RSPCA Guidelines 



Not dredged or trawled

Responsible sourcing 

Low impact and traditional pots and traps by ERance web

Low impact pots and traps


Red gurnard catch of the day

Fresh red gurnard 


Line caught seabass by E Rance web

Fresh handline seabass 


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