Corporate Teambuilding Days

Practical conservation tasks carried out by an office or department are extremely successful teambuilding activities.

  • Build communication skills between staff
  • Treat them to an enjoyable day out!

Removing your workforce from their normal working environment and placing them in unfamiliar situations is a great way of helping a team pull together and produces some amazing results:

  • Enhanced team morale and efficiency
  • Improvement in communications within the team
  • Increased positive team interaction back in the office

This is a great way of assessing your staff as the natural leaders come to the fore, engaging with the team in a way that may have remained hidden in the workplace.

  • The task and location can be decided upon beforehand, at one of our nature reserves.
  • We will provide a dedicated team to ensure the day goes smoothly.
  • Particular care is taken over all safety aspects for the day.
  • All participants will be provided with the necessary safety equipment where applicable and receive instruction on the use of any tools required for the task.

For more details, or to discuss costs or how to arrange a day to suit your needs, please contact Sally Cooper on 01305 264620 or email 

 >Information on Corporate Membership of DWT

JPMorgan Brownsea (Photo taken by Anna Guthrie)

Brownsea Island clearance (Photo taken by DWT)


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