Eco-Friendly Crabbing

Crab stuck in old net

Dorset Wildlife Trust’s (DWT’s) eco-crabbing campaign encourages local people and visitors to enjoy crabbing in an eco-friendly way. 

Using hooks, mistreating crabs and littering whilst crabbing is a serious problem but could be avoided with DWT’s 5 key guidelines.

The guidelines are:

  •  Use bait bags instead of hooks;
  •  Have fewer than 3 crabs in a bucket at any one time;
  •  Replace the water frequently;
  •  Keep the water in the shade;
  •  Don’t leave litter.

Look out for staff and volunteers spreading the word 

DWT’s staff and volunteers will be out talking to people crabbing along local harbours and giving out fun bucket stickers with the eco-crabbing pointers.

Take a moment to care for the marine wildlife you find 

Steph added “Crabbing is fun for all ages and gets people engaging with marine life which is great. All we are asking is that people just take a moment to care for the marine wildlife and protect it for future generations. Please help us to make the campaign a success. Follow our guidelines, spread the message and share your eco-crabbing pictures with us using #EcoCrabbing and see how everyone can help to make a difference.”

Find out more... 

To find out more about the eco-crabbing campaign please call Steph at the Chesil Beach Centre (DT4 9XE) on 01305 206191 or email at

Or you can also go eco-crabbing at the Wild Seas Centre in Kimmeridge. Please call 01929 481044 or email for more details.






Tel: 01305 206191


Follow us on twitter for wildlife sightings & event details: @DWTWeyPort

Chesil Beach Centre, Portland Beach Road, Portland, Dorset. DT4 9XE


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