The Frugal Fox

How do I stop foxes ripping open my rubbish?

Once foxes find a suitable food source they are very difficult to discourage.

Never leave food out that will attract foxes, whether intended for them directly or indirectly such as left over pet food or spills from bird feeders. Make sure rubbish bags are stored in an area or container inaccessible by foxes, such as a lockable thick plastic bin.

How do I stop foxes coming into my garden?

Foxes should stop their destructive behaviours in your garden once they are unable to exploit any resources they need to survive. They will look to move to a new territory where alternative food and shelter is more readily available.

How do I stop foxes digging in my garden?

It is difficult to control foxes in urban areas. Extreme approaches such as culling, trapping or relocating are rarely effective for an extended period of time as territories quickly become occupied by another.

Chemical deterrents, that have a distasteful smell or taste, can be spread over your garden to discourage foxes. Always make sure that the deterrent you choose is approved for deterring foxes and used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In this way, you will remain within the law.

Will fences keep foxes out of my garden?

Fox proofing a fence can control a fox’s presence in your garden, if done correctly! Alternatively, an electric wire fence around the perimeter of your garden is easier to install and may discourage a fox’s ability to use your garden. For advice on fox proofing your garden, contact Natural England by telephone on 0845 601 4523 or by email on .

What is mange?

Sarcoptic mange, also known as canine scabies, is a skin condition that is caused by mites. These mites burrow under the skin triggering an allergic reaction that is extremely uncomfortable. Itching and scratching are the first symptoms of mange. This can lead to hair loss and loss of condition. If untreated, mange can be fatal.

Do foxes carry mange?

Although mange is highly contagious, by no means do all foxes suffer from it.

If you are worried about foxes carrying mange in your area ensure your pets do not explore holes known to be used by foxes. Mange is contagious and is easily passed to pets like dogs and cats.

If you suspect your pet has mange seek veterinary attention immediately.

I've heard the term "Urban Fox", what does it mean?

Foxes in the countryside have adapted to survive in urban areas, moving into towns and cities to overcome pressures such as the loss of habitat and natural food sources.

In suburban areas,  the urban fox is able to exploit human waste produce for food and find suitable shelter such as underneath a shed.

Are urban foxes dangerous?

Many people in urban areas enjoy seeing foxes around town.

These foxes are still wild animals and potentially carry diseases that could be passed to pets or humans. In their quest to find food or establish a den, foxes can be destructive, ripping up bin bags or digging in gardens.

Don’t encourage foxes into your garden by leaving out food, whether intentionally for them or perhaps an unfinished dinner for your pet. Foxes are resourceful and will be able to survive without human interference!



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