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The Great Dorset Seafood campaign 2011-14 aimed to promote a return to a healthy and productive marine environment through choices, sourcing and information.  

The main achievements included:

Know Your Fish: a consumer guide on Dorset Wildlife Trust approved seafood and capture or production methods.

Fish Adviser: a smart-phone friendly Dorset seafood app available on iTunes, Android and Amazon.

Great Dorset Seafood Directory: an online directory of Dorset seafood retailers including celebrity chefs Mark Hix and Russell Brown, pledging "to supply and promote high quality, low impact seafood harvested from Dorset's coastal waters" 

Dorset Fisher's Directory: an online directory of Dorset's inshore and low impact traditional fishers - demonstrating the provenance of Great Dorset Seafood.

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Campaign Achievements

GDS Achievements 2011-14

The Great Dorset Seafood campaign ran 2011-14. Read about its achievements with retailers, fishers and consumers.

Download the campaign achievements (PDF)

Dorset Food & Drink

Dorset Food and Drink

Discover where to buy Dorset seafood and how to determine wihether it's fresh and caught locally. 

Buying Dorset Seafood

Seafood Provenance

Line caught mackerel 2 Emma Rance

Understand why seafood traceability and labelling is important for the fishery and the consumer.  

Read more on responsible sourcing

The Campaign

Download our Great Dorset Seafood brochure at 180

How did our campaign maintain the health and productivity of the marine environment?

Download the 2011 Brochure (PDF)

The Dorset Fishery

Spider Crab by Trevor Rees

Understand the management and legislation that governs inshore commercial fishing.

Dorset Fishery Management.

DWT & Fishing

Low impact and traditional pots and traps by ERance web

Read our position statement on commercial fishing and how we define common seafood terms.

Read our Position Statement


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