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New to Living Record?

This online recording system has been set up by a Dorset IT specialist in conjunction with the Dorset Environmental Records Centre (DERC) and local wildlife recording groups to provide them with the information they need about wildlife sightings being made around the county. You need to join to use this system but once you are set up you can record the wildlife you see at any time from anywhere in Dorset (or anywhere in the UK).

Once you are logged in - use the map to find anywhere in Dorset or you can select to record against one of our Nature Reserves or a number of other local sites such as the National Trust properties or The Great Heath sites. Full information on how to use the system is available on the Living Record home page under ‘why join in’.

There are many advantages of using this online recording system.

  • Easily enter new records as you spot the wildlife at any time
  • You put a marker on the map and the system works out where you were
  • You can check to see what else has been seen by other people using the system and look back over all your own records
  • The county record centre (DERC) and local recording groups can see what people are recording around the county as soon as you put the records on
  • If the record centre needs more information, they can contact you by email and ask for more details while the sighting is still fresh in your mind

Click  the button below to enter your details and records on the Living Record site

Living Record




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