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Happy Bottom Nature Reserve

Happy Bottom Nature Reserve / Image N Hoar

Happy Bottom Nature Reserve is a safe environment where wildlife can thrive, with a rich and varied history, spanning Roman roads, nearby ancient barrows, Victorian railways and 20th century farming. It forms part of the Corfe Barrows Nature Park.


Merley Park Road
BH21 3EA

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Know before you go

19 hectares

Entry fee


Parking information

Parking pull in off Merley Park Road

Grazing animals

Grazing animals on some of the site

Walking trails

This idyllic valley can be discovered by following a new path and boardwalk from Merley Park Road to the old railway line.

Please click here for a downloadable leaflet with a map of suggested walking routes in the Corfe Barrows nature park.

Please click here for more information and guidance about dogs on DWT nature reserves.


There is a variety of access, public rights of way and marked trails with some kissing gates, slopes and board walks. Moderate terrain.
RADAR large mobility kissing gate at parking pull-in.


On a lead
Remove all dog mess from site, please. See above for more information about dogs on nature reserves.

When to visit

Opening times

Open at all times

Best time to visit

Summer is best for flowers and insects, Spring for birdsong, Autumn and Winter for migrant and winter visiting birds.

About the reserve

Happy Bottom Nature Reserve is part of the Corfe Barrows Nature Park partnership of landowners who have come together to create a special place for local communities and visitors to explore and enjoy the local countryside, its history and its wonderful wildlife.

Happy Bottom Nature Reserve includes the stream valley that flows through the nature reserve towards the River Stour to the north 
Near the centre of the nature reserve is what is left of Cottage Farm. The restored milking parlour is almost all that remains. The farm used to support a small dairy herd and the cows grazed the adjoining meadows before the days of fertilizers and pesticides. We are traditionally managing the pastures with grazing animals for the benefit of biodiversity.

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Environmental designation

Local Nature Reserve (LNR)
Site of Nature Conservation Importance (SNCI)
Happy Bottom Nature Reserve map

Happy Bottom Nature Reserve map

The Great Heath Living Landscape

The Great Heath Living Landscape

Part of The Great Heath Living Landscape