Marine litter art exhibition washes up at Kimmeridge Wild Seas Centre

Marine litter art exhibition washes up at Kimmeridge Wild Seas Centre

All washed up art exhibition at the Fine Foundation Wild Seas Centre © Julie Hatcher

Visitors are invited to Dorset Wildlife Trust’s Fine Foundation Wild Seas Centre on the shoreline at Kimmeridge Bay to experience its latest art exhibition, ‘All washed up’.

The exhibition* consists of thought-provoking installations and items produced by local artists highlighting the problem of plastic litter in the sea in new and innovative ways.

Bournemouth-based artist Sojung Kim-McCarthy exhibits her 365 miniature paintings of litter items she picked up from the beach and drew each day for a whole year. Common everyday items from plastic water bottles to flip-flops and cigarette butts, illustrated in the minutest detail, really bring home the range of rubbish that makes its way into the sea.

‘A New Ecology’ is the installation created by artist and DWT volunteer, Rosemary Edwards, with litter items such as old fishing rope and vegetable nets representing our marine wildlife of the future. Given their own scientific names and where they can be found, these items form an exhibition that carries a warning from our future.

Tom Hatcher’s eye-catching pieces give new purpose to old beach rubbish. From a ghost-fishing net notice board to a stunningly decorated old surf-board and tattoo-inspired lost boat fenders, these pieces give new life to objects otherwise destined for landfill.

DWT’s Wild Seas Centre Officer, Julie Hatcher said “DWT is excited to have these talented artists exhibiting at the visitor centre. Everyone knows now that marine litter is a massive problem for both humans and wildlife. This exhibition brings a new perspective to the problem and we hope it will both challenge and inspire everyone who visits to go that extra mile to help tackle this global issue.”

All Washed Up is open every day (apart from 19th October) until Sunday 3rd November with free entry to the Wild Seas Centre which is open daily from 10.30am until 5pm.  Find out more about the Wild Seas Centre and how to get there by clicking here

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*Exhibitors include:

Sojung Kim-McCarthy -

Tom Hatcher

Rosemary Edwards

Day 243 © Sojung Kim-McCarthy

Day 243 © Sojung Kim-McCarthy