Our Reserves

Do I have to pay to enter the reserves?

All the reserves, except Brownsea Island, are free to enter and are open all day everyday!

Dorset Wildlife Trust reserves are great to explore day and night. Each reserve holds different natural treasures waiting for you to discover.

Find out what wildlife each reserve boasts and the best times to see it using our guide to Dorset Wildlife Trust’s nature reserves, click here.

We’re always looking to grow so keep an eye out too for new reserves that you might not have visited before!

Why do I have to pay to enter Brownsea Island?

Brownsea Island is one of the most diverse retreats for wildlife in Britain. With wildlife hiding in every twist and turn of the island, you will not leave disappointed!

The island is only reachable by boat, making access and maintenance tricky and costly!

With 5 bird hides, wet woodland board walks and some of Britain’s best habitats, not to mention a population of 200 red squirrels to look after, the island needs a lot of TLC to keep it accessible and safe for everyone to enjoy.

How much is it to enter Brownsea Island Nature Reserve?

Dorset Wildlife Trust asks for a small contribution to help us preserve this natural haven for generations and generations to come. Just think, for those couple of pounds you can explore one of the greatest places in the UK for wildlife and know that your money is directly benefitting nature!

Members of Dorset Wildlife Trust do not have to pay a landing fee on arrival at Brownsea Island if they are only visiting the Dorset Wildlife Trust nature reserve. They must show a valid membership card. Become a member to enjoy the island time and time again.


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