Dorset Wildlife Trust is a partner in the Interreg (EU) funded project called PANACHE (Protected Area Network Across the Channel Ecosystem). 

PANACHE aims to lead to better protection and management of the marine environment through the development of a more coherent approach for Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the Channel Area.

PANACHE has focussed on MPA management and monitoring, and carrying out an evaluation of whether the network of MPAs proposed by England and France meets internationally recognised ecological coherence criteria.

The project aimed to jointly develop a program of stakeholder awareness and citizen science across the Channel area to increase awareness of MPAs amongst key community and stakeholder groups. This would encourage a wider ownership in the marine environment and participation in its protection. The project also aimed to build close ties at many different levels across the region and ensure that experience and best practice is shared across the partnership.

Dorset Wildlife Trust’s work has been within south coast MPAs (including SACs, marine SSSIs, rMCZs and VMCAs) to;

  • Contribute to the programme by sharing data and expertise with a wide range of partner organisations.
  • Develop a case study based on monitoring MPAs using multibeam survey data
  • Mobilise volunteer divers through the Seasearch programme.
  • Engage with people through public events and  shore surveys in MPAs.
  • Provide data for a MPA database and web GIS resource.

Click here for an update on our PANACHE work

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