Pesky Predators in my garden!

What should I do about my cat killing garden birds and small mammals?

According to RSPB research, a cat that is wearing a well fitted collar with a bell reduces its chance of successful predation by a third! So the answer, get that cat a collar!

What should I do about a Sparrowhawk eating my garden birds?

Seeing a sparrowhawk predate on birds in your garden is understandably upsetting.

Try to keep in mind that sparrowhawk are magnificent raptors and in need of just as much protection and support as our songbirds.

To injure or kill the sparrowhawk would be an offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

Instead why not try something more subtle. Deterrents strategically placed around your garden create obstacles that block the sparrowhawk’s hunting flight path.

These deterrents can be as simple as bamboo canes or bits of string. Check out the RSPB Sparrowhawk Deterrent Guide for more details.


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