Reporting Wildlife Crime

What should I report?

Unsure if what you are witnessing or have witnessed is a wildlife crime? Check out the UK National Wildlife Crime Unit.

The NWCU have compiled a comprehensive list to help raise awareness of what is wildlife crime in the UK.

What should I do if I witness or suspect a crime against wildlife?

If you witness a crime against wildlife it is important that you do not confront the suspects or try to intervene in any way. Similarly it is essential that you do not to disturb the scene of the crime. You could inadvertently destroy vital evidence needed for a successful prosecution. You may also put your own health at risk as sadly illegal poisons, traps and snares are still used by wildlife criminals today.

Who should I report it to?

If you catch the crime as it is happening call 999 immediately.

All other suspected wildlife crime should be reported to the Police using the “101” number, asking for the Local Wildlife Crime Officer.

If you find or witness anything suspicious then it is important to report it to the police. A crime against wildlife is not always obvious and may require specialist attention to uncover the truth.

With your help the local authorities gain a wider understanding of wildlife crime in your area. Information that you provide is invaluable in the combat against wildlife crime.

What details of the crime do I need to report?

If possible try to record as many details as you can about the event:
• Date
• Time
• Location (GPS grid reference is the most accurate)
• Weather Conditions
• Details about the suspect: gender, age, appearance, etc
• Details of any vehicles: model, colour, registration number plate, etc
• Details of the crime in a chronological order

If the use of poison is obvious, such as poisoned bait or the presence of dead animals, then where possible try to place a cover over these without risking your own health. This will help prevent further casualties whilst disturbing the crime scene as little as possible.



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