Join a wildlife group

Join a wildlife group

People taking part in a coastal foraging walk on the shore at Lyme Regis, UK, Feb 2011. During the walk, run by Dorset-based Fraser Christian, participants are taught about the edible plants, seaweed and shellfish that can be collected from the shore. Model released. © Toby Roxburgh/2020VISION

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Do you love to get out and about in Dorset? Perhaps you never go on a walk without a camera, or love spending a quiet afternoon watching dragonflies on the River Stour? Why not join one of our groups, or those of our partners? Get to explore Dorset and learn even more about this beautiful part of the world.

Dorset Bat Group

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Long eared bats © Nigel Brooks

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Silver studded blue butterfly © Mark Heighes 

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Oystercatchers © David Tipling/2020VISION