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Tree Survey Form

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The Woodland Trusts Royal Tree Records Found

The Woodland Trust's uncovered a forgotten treasure, the Royal Record of King George VI’s Coronation. This incredible record details all the tree planting undertaken by thousands of schools, parishes, organisations and homeowners in 1936/7, in gardens, parks and public spaces, and even names the individuals across the UK and the world who planted the trees. We have taken on the painstaking challenge of digitising the 1937 Royal Record. It is now available online for the very first time for you to search the records and locate trees planted near them, find out if relatives or neighbours planted trees. Click here to search the records - simply choose the layer Environmental Records, then Veteran Trees.

Dorset Wildlife Trust would  love your help to see if the trees are still there! We would be really grateful if you could visit an area close to you and survey the trees with the attached form below.

Click here to download the survey form to take out with you viewing trees.

The survey information you collect outdoors can be submit in the form below or sent to:

Dorset Wildlife Trust
Brooklands Farm

As these trees are a part of history and will be a significant tree to the area all information will be past onto Woodland Trust and Dorset Environmental Records Centre.

Tree Survey Form

Please complete the form below, which will be automatically emailed to us

 Please include your postcode 
 Address, county & postcode 
 Individual tag numbers can sometimes be found on large specimens, which are associated with past surveys & mappings 
 Do you know anything special about the tree e.g. history, name etc. 
 Please describe what the setting is 
 Please can you name the type of tree? 
 Please note the trunk girth at 1.3m above ground level. See image above 
 See images above for help 
 See images above for help 
 See images above for help 
 Is there alot of heavy deadwood about the crown?
See image above for help
 Are there any large holes in the main branches? 
 Does the trunk have large holes?
See images above for help.
 Is there alot of fallen deadwood on the ground? 
 Are there any tears, scars, on lightning strikes on the tree? 
  *Indicates a field you must enter.

When you have completed the form, please click the Send Details button ONCE to send


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